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my girlchan character (poor preparation -.-)

2010-05-17 21:40:14 by darknodark

so... i was so interested when i saw the girlchan contest that i can't take myself n i maked the character in 4 minutes... i scanned up... n i painted on paint...(not even opened photoshop)... too much fast... so... it look not too good... but i want that u look the new character that i want create 4 girlchan as fast as possible... so... look at the character n his basic colours... i wish that u like it... n forgive the little effort to paint it... sorry


my girlchan character (poor preparation -.-)


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2010-05-17 21:57:39

pretty good actually


2010-05-25 10:12:56

if you even draw good at paint,who knows how your drawings will look like with photoshop? >:U


2010-05-26 11:02:05

oh,thanks that you recommended my drawings, I really liked ur comment on them,thanx! ^^
I found your page by egoraptor's newspage,you admitted a drawing in it,remember :P I admitted a rage comment 'cause my art wouldn't upload xD with a lot of rage and no picture ;-;
thank you,I like your photo too! c: lol,who is Andy xD?
lets give him 3 cheers anyways :D


2010-06-12 12:40:21

oh,thanks for the advice :D idk if i will participate,im veryy bizzy lately, but i will try in my free time >:U i cant wait to see ur participation, if there is something like a vote poll i will vote on yours! C: