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robot day 2010

2010-06-12 23:42:25 by darknodark

so... that my ''entry'' to the robot day contest 2010... but i don't know WTF has my PC that don't let me upload art to the portal... so i show the work in my account... 'cuz i have nothing better...

i wish y'all like it...

i know that the robot day is on july 10th but i want to post this today...

i'm sad and angry 'cuz i can't participate in this contests...

fuk world T.T

robot day 2010


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2010-06-12 23:43:19

(there says ''NRG: newrobotgrounds ... everychip, by everybot'')


2010-06-13 15:51:25

omfg,this one is so good!


2010-06-28 02:00:55

Pice face looks odd


2010-06-28 02:01:35

I meant pico, was a typo

darknodark responds:

thanks 4 the opinion...

yeah... was the first that i draw... so... the first idea was with a little more of imagination... gut i thonk later that may this will make difficult to recognice the characters


2010-08-23 08:13:33

darknodark! how are youu c: I missed you too in the vacation :[
oo, I see, vacations in argentinia are different than here.. I wish we had the same vacations so we didnt had to miss each other -_-'
and your drawings you gave me are really improved , very nice! ^^
I try to upload more drawings here in newgrounds okay? :]


2010-09-06 10:45:54

wells,turkey was great! I really enjoyed all the time with my family and friends,and went out a lot! Of course there still was an disadvantage, some turkish guys didn't leave my back and kinda followed me everywhere :\ outside of that,it was great! ^^ The place I lived there was full with parks around me and some little stores,and at night some places just went so beautiful,with full of pretty lights!:D
ok ok i think i talked too much,what did you doo darknodark ;o ive been thinking of you sometimes in turkey and wondered what you were doing at that time, had a good time, plzzz say you had a good time ;o

darknodark responds:

yeah... i had a nice time too... with my friends... but i didn't go out from my house... i been in other places... but still in my country... -.-'''... but i was getting fun (i must admit that smoetimes i been counting the days to ur ''back home''... and... i'm very interested to know how is there... cuz... my country is a little bit longer... so is not that easy to go to other country... maybe state... but country get complicated)...

but i'm happy knowing that u been getting fun in turkey...



2010-10-13 04:15:55

heey darknodark
sorry sorry that i didnt leave any marks of me, i thoughti replied those messages and each time i logged in i saw i dont have any new messages, i just logged out again because i thaught you didnt reply me. But then i saw it was all my fault and i was like argh Dx I'm very very very sorry, kiss to make it up?:')
and i reply to the messages now ! :D


2010-11-06 12:46:52

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